Who we are

The company"A.MALLIARAS - A.KARALIS OE" with the distinctive title "GEOTECHNIKI OE", «ΓΕΩΤΕΧΝΙΚΗ Ο.Ε.», was created on May 2nd, 2001 and ended in its current form by the merger of GEOSYS O.E. (A. Karaivazidis - A. Malliaras) and Karalis Apostolos. The shareholders of the company are agronomists of AUTh. and certified agricultural consultants.

Our basic aim

of the company is to provide consulting support to agricultural and livestock enterprises, the implementation of production systems, the preparation of all kinds of geotechnical and economic-technical studies related to business agriculture, production promotion and training of rural executives.

has developed special know-how for the continuous monitoring and assistance of agricultural enterprises within the integrated system of EU agricultural aid, as well as for providing advice to all sectors of primary production in order to produce safe products quality.

in recent years the center of our scientific and professional interest has shifted to the design, establishment, consolidation and viability of agricultural enterprises of young farmers, producer groups as well as the production and promotion of innovative and certified agricultural products, the implementation of new policy initiatives, with the implementation of new production models, benefits of the climate and the environment.

What we do

The object of our work is

the elaboration of development, agro-economic studies for the receipt of subsidies from farmers through programs

The The provision of services as technical consultants on agricultural holdings and

The the drafting of IACS declarations

The company has the experience to inform producers about

-the successive reforms of the New CAP and the daily developments in agriculture and animal husbandry

-the cross-compliance regime and the obligations undertaken by the producers, with advice and constant information on the avoidance of EU fines.